Christine Chandler Designs

Christine Chandler Designs

My husband and I moved to Pensacola, FL in 2006 after leaving NY state, and setting off to find where in the US we wanted to live. We knew beach with waves and warm weather for a majority of the year was a requirement. After traveling along the southern boarder of our country all the way to Los Angeles, we ended our search on the beautiful Emerald Coast in Pensacola. Full story is at

I immediately got involved in Blue Morning Gallery, a coop art gallery, in the medium of photography, but soon noticed all of the lovely jewelry creations that the jewelers created. My husband was building our new home himself, and I was working as a leasing agent for a well known apartment community at this time. So I did not have the time to learn.

During this time of working as a leasing agent, I learned about sales. Rising to be one of the top agents in the company, I learned that the key to my success in sales was that I REALLY cared about these people, and not just seeing them as dollar signs. My time ended with this company at the end of 2009 when New Management took over. 

This is when I finally had time to learn about jewelry making. I chose pearl and leather jewelry not only because I love its earthy elegant look, but also because I wanted to create something different that wasn’t already in the art gallery that I was part of. So I set off on my learning journey of leathers, pearls, knotting techniques, what sells, what doesn’t sell, pricing, Art Festivals, and Etsy selling online.

In 2010 Christine Chandler Designs was created. My husband at first started to help part time, but with our success was soon full time. He is the one who drills each pearl that is put on our jewelry. Besides selling on Etsy, and at the art gallery, we also started to do Art festivals.

To me one of my most difficult tasks is finding the right pearls. I am very picky when it comes to the quality. What makes a pearl of more value and beauty is its luster & being blemish free. I try to get the best that I can in this criteria and stay at a good price point for my customers.

In hinds sight I see the miraculous plan, that I never would of imagined starting, but God did. From gifts of pearl and leather jewelry my husband gave me five years prior to moving; moving to Pensacola Beach which is in what I call the “Pearl and Leather Capital”; working as a leasing agent learning sales; being a member of Blue Morning Gallery, etc.

I must say, I love what I do!!! I love you my customers!!! It really warms my heart knowing that you chose a piece of jewelry that I made to be a special gift, or to wear for a special occasion, or to just make you feel special when you wear it anytime. I want to say, “THANK YOU!”

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